When does intel typically drop prices?

Holidays? Not for black Friday this year, I know, I was watching.

Obviously when a new product comes out the old gets discounted but with Broadcom not due out for over a year... does that mean haswell prices will be static for a whole year??

Are there typically times of year or special events etc that usually are accompanied by a price drop?

Hmm maybe when AMD's new chip comes out??

I want to buy a 4570s but 200 just crazy... every other part in the system is under 100. (the mobo may be more but I haven't got that yet... no point..)
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    They really DON'T drop prices very much. You just need to find a good sale. You can see that Ivy Bridge is just a tad cheaper than Haswell, but Sandy Bridge are still about the same price, and some examples like the 2500k are even more expensive.
  2. ugh.... even at micro center (why are they cheaper than newegg and tiger??) its only 15 bucks off everyone else, once you consider tax..... when is AMD's steamroller actually going to splash the market? q1 next year?
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