Gtx 770 4gb Palit or Gigabyte?

Hey, I can't decide wether to buy the Palit jetstream or the gigabyte windforce 3x OC rev. 2.0 version of the gtx 770.
I can get them for basically the same price, so which version would you recommend and why?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Just get the cheapest one. The main difference between them is the cooling system. Some are quieter while some keep the GPU cooler. But your environment could also affect it too, so to keep things simple, just buy the cheapest one. My personal preference is Gigabyte though.
  2. Palit because there has been many cases of DOA Gigabyte cards lately. Just this week I've seen two guys in this forum who had bought 3 and 2 cards respectively and all were dead. Palit may not be as widely known but at least I don;t hear (recent) problems with them. And my Palit cards never failed me, although I haven't bought from them since a long time ago.
  3. Thanks for the fast response. I think I'll get the gigabyte, since it has the better cooler. Plus it's only 1 Euro more expensive. I'll keep the thread open though, I'd like to hear some more opinions on this :)
  4. Oh, okay. Good to know huilun, just read your post.
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