Nvidia Geforce 640 2GB vs AMD 7790 2GB Sapphire

I am building a gaming PC for games such as Minecraft, Sims, Saints Row, GTA, Garrys Mod etc. The Nvidia card is a lot cheaper than the AMD card but I am not sure at all. Which should I choose?
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  1. AMD 7790 is way better Gt 640 is bad
  2. The GT640 is absolute junk. If you want cheaper than the HD7790, then get the HD7730/7750/7770.
  3. gt 640 is much more slower and it´s not really a gaming video card at all...
    amd card is worth the extra cost...
    if you want something from nvidia look for 650Ti boost edition , it performs more or less the same like radeon 7850
  4. DDR3 vs DDR5 ? Think about it :P
    The GT series is not for gaming, GTX is.
    The question is GTX 650ti or 7790 ?
  5. Why the GT 640 hate ? I know the HD 7790 is better , but the GT 640 just by looking at its specifications, is ok. The GT 640 has similar performance to the HD 7750, but usually the GT 640 is more expensive, so the HD 7750 would be a better deal.
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    The GT 640 performs similar to the 6670 while priced closer to the 7750 and using more power also

    The 7790 is as powerful as the GTX 560 from 2011 and is about 2.5 times quicker than the 640 which performs like an 8800 GT from 2006-7

    If you can find a 2GB 650 Ti Boost or a 7850 at around the same price then definitely go for those instead
  7. So what card would you recommend to me? I would like at least 2GB. AMD Sapphire 7790/7770? Or an NVIDIA card?
  8. I'd go with a 2GB 650 TI Boost or 7850 if you can find them for cheap

    Otherwise a 2GB 7790 should do the job fine
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