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Will a 3.0 x 16 gpu run on a mobo with a 2.0 x 16 slot? Both GPU and mobo are ASUS..
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  1. Yes it will.
  2. huilun02 said:
    Yes it will.

    If I may ask one other question....will the 3.0 x 16 gpu perform better, about the same, or not as well as the 2.0 x 16 GPU in the 2.0 x 16 slot?
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    I know you're worried about a 3.0 card running slower in a 2.0 slot. Most games today still don't need more bandwidth than the 2.0 slot provides.

    So when you compare performance of a 3.0 card in both slots, this is the result

    And you can't compare graphics cards by revision of PCIe they can use. If a card uses PCIe 3.0 it would be newer and often more powerful than a card that uses PCIe 2.0 anyway. You seem to have a misconception about graphics card power and compatibility. Both are separate issues and I suggest you google/youtube to learn more about them.
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