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can i run call of duty modern warfare 4 ?

my system specs are:
p4 3.0 ghz
2 gb ram
nvidia geforce 6200 TurboCache(256mb)
directx 9.0c
windows xp
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  1. Your PC is very old and won't give you a good experience in modern games.
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    No. You may be able to "walk" the game with a video card upgrade, but your best bet is to rebuild new. Nothing there looks like you'd want to move it to a new system. I would suggest posting a thread in the New Build section using the template from the sticky: which will answer any questions we are likely to have.
  3. nope i cant,is there any emulator for graphic card
  4. Can i run it with swift shader 3.0
  5. You can run it dude, I have even lower PC and I can run game in low settings with 20-35 FPS
  6. Closing necrotic thread.
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