PSU for 2X 7950s + 1X 7970

I'm making a litecoin mining rig with 2X 7950 and 1X 7970 or whatever similar I can scavenge from the used market. The cards would be overclocked and undervolted slightly where possible and attached to PCIe risers. No hdd/dvd rom/monitor etc. I'm thinking about this following board with AMD sempron 145.

So I was wondering if a Corsair TX 850 would cut the deal since there's no hdd etc or get the other option I'm considering;15

Please remember the price difference is almost twice between the two. I have plans for future expansion for using the two other 1x PCIe slot with two more 7950 for which I will get a separate PSU.
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    well..then 4x7950 + 1x7970 along with sempron 145 single core and 970 chipset..

    i think any diaboltek psu will good for you..:D

    for example..
  2. Diablotek/Thermaltake whatever isn't available in India. All I got is Corsair/Cooler Master/Seasonic/Antec to choose from. Have to choose from among them. I was just suggested to get AX 850 or HX 1050.
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