I need some advice regarding future hardware upgrade

Hey everyone, last console generation I moved from PC to mostly game on the PS3. Now, I feel like it is a great time to jump back to PC with great developments on the horizon like Steam OS and what not.

So last night I got some components and built a PC:

Intel Core i5 4570
MSI Z87 G43 Motherboard (love this thing)
8GB A DATA - DDR3 - 1600MHz single stick
Thermal take Tough power 750 Watt Gold

What's missing, I am using my old 2TB yea, the GPU.

Now, this is when I want your advice: I want to game on the both the PC and PS4 this time. I want a good GPU, between 300$ to 400$. Is it a good time to get a GPU, if so, which one? Or should I wait more, as much as Summer 2014 when Nvidia releases their true next-gen GPUs, not just re-branding them? I am asking cause money is limited, so I can either get a GPU now and get the PS4 later. Or get the PS4 now, get the GPU later.

I know most of you are die hard PC fans, but I really need you guys to see from my perspective.

Thank you and peace!
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  1. IMO, stick to pc, consoles will never compare. You are looking at a GTX 770 and R9 290. Either choice is acceptable, but I'm an nvidia fan so I would choose the 770. What case are you getting for this build?
  2. The case is nothing special, it has 3 fans now, also have an option for a 4th fan.
  3. Oh alright. but yeah I would choose the GTX 770 for your GPU. Thats my 2 cents :)
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    Alright i know how you feel. You could go with Nvidia but here is the deal. Nvidia cards often are slightly faster than amd cards. But also more expensive. I love Nvidia for their stable drivers. But price performance wise amd wins most of the times in mid and high end segment. So i would personally go with amd if you want the most for your money. But if you want a higher reliability and im not saying amd is not reliable. I have 2 hd 7870's so there. Go with an Nvidia card.
    As for console vs pc i know what you are saying. GPUs from amd are pretty cheap now. And the rebranded ones will get very cheap probably when next gen comes. I think go with console now. Save up some cash. Keep a watchfull eye when they are about to announce new cards and snatch up a good card. Thats my advice.
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