What processor will be good enough to not bottleneck my graphics card setup?

Bought two gtx 650 ti boosts and i want to run them both in SLI, but now I need a processor that will make these cards work to full capacity without bottlenecking. All recommendations are appreciated and taken into account
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  1. i5 3570k, for example.
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    3 Best choices would be 3570k (if you already have a 1155 board) 4670k If you don't (its a 1150, haswell processor which is slightly better). Or if you want an AMD rig an 8320/8350 should do nicely.
  3. or 4670K
  4. the non-k i5 2nd/3rd/4th all work fine as well...
  5. Any i5, any i7, any E3 Xeon, and any AMD FX x3xx
  6. the best OPTION WOULD BE 8320 its really good eight core cpu with a great o.c. potential so its the cheapest and the one of the best options available

    but if u can afford a 4670k then its better than amd any day

    so your choice depends basically on your budget
  7. Are you on a budget here?

    From the AMD side, you can get an FX-6350 and overclock it or you can go with the FX-8320 / FX-8350.

    From the Intel side, the i5 3570K or i5 4670K should do just fine. Of course you can get an i7, but you can stick to the i5 if you're solely going to game.

    Again, it all depends on your budget.
    Best of luck.
  8. FX 6350 is pointless if overclocking. It is just an overclocked FX 6300. FX 6300/FX 8320 are the best budget options. Also keep in mind that the motherboard you choose must be SLI capable as well.
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