CrossFire Bottleneck issues?

Little background on myself:
- Been building computers and over clocking for 10 years
- Feel I have a strong knowledge of computers and hardware (No Expert)

Computer specs:
i5-2500k (OCed to 4.6ghz stable)
Extreme P67 MB
GPUS: HD 7950 XFX Core Edition and XFX 7950 Black Edition
Ram: 16gb
PSU: Crosairs 850wt

My issue is as follows and I am running out of ideas to try. I believe the CPU is the bottleneck in my system, but I have yet to read a post that everyone seems to agree on how to find the bottleneck.

The benchmark is Battlefield 4:
One single HD7950 100% GPU load on ultra was getting 40-70 FPS
Crossfire HD7950s: GPU 1 60% load GPU 2 50% load getting 50-85 FPS
(there are spikes over over 85, but that is the average usually closer to 65FPS)

On both the 1 GPU used or 2 GPU used my CPU load is 100%


While the performance is amazing compared to my 560ti I had originally, I feel this setup should be pulling better performance. Also the low load on the GPUs in Crossfire is concerning to me, if they were working at 100% obviously performance would be a ton better.

I will be trying Eyefinity today and see what the GPU load will be, I have seen through posts here that the load will go up.

I hope I included enough information, if there is anything else you pros need let me know.


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    Your bottleneck is not the CPU, not many faster CPU's out there especially if we look at your clock. More likely it is your monitor resolution not demanding more from your cards! In eyefininity that will change since you will be giving the cards more pixels to process.

    You see how well your CPU does here,3634-10.html
  2. I see where you are coming from, but with that said would the gpu not still be using 99% load if it could. Seen people getting over 100fps solid with these cards in crossfire.

    This is the Link to my monitor:
  3. What happens with it at 60Hz since that is what most people use.
  4. rolli59 said:
    What happens with it at 60Hz since that is what most people use.

    Getting same result it is not setup on 1080p either, that is what I am going to try right now though and see what happens.

    EDIT: FPS dropped to sub 50 during game play on HD 1080p.. GPU1 70% GPU2 60% So the Load stayed the same from HD to non HD
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