hai.. i've AMD FX 8320 Processor with CoolerMaster Hyper 212 X cooler and ASUS M5A78L-MLX Motherboard. Could I Overclock?

i've the Above condition . could i use overclocking to my processor? is my motherboard or cooler capable for it? is this cooler is a better choise? please help me as soon as possible,,,

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  1. Yes you can but only mild on that board! Although not recommended couple of notches should be OK.
  2. you should easily be able to clock it to the same speed as the 8350 with no problems.
  3. how to overclock my processor? which program is capable to overclock it at the certain conditon?
  4. Unlocked multiplier! Enter BIOS increase Multiplier in small steps!
  5. i've checked bios.. activated core unlocker and core unleash.. and choose all cores... then it shows core clock value deafault it seted to -2% is this is the value for over clocking which value is maximum capable for me? it have both +ve and -ve values up to 12 % on both.
  6. It is called CPU ratio and you will have to select CPU overclocking to manual first.
  7. how to do that.. am a bigginer at overclocking... i dnt know any thing about it.. please help me..
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    Those are BIOS settings covered in your manual! Pretty much same as this guide!
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