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Hello all,

I'm putting together a gaming PC for the first time in forever. I have a question regarding power to my video card.

My PSU is a Corsair TX 650. My graphics card is an ASUS GeForce GTX 770. My concern is that the power connecter on the graphics card has an 8pin directly next to a 6 pin. My PSU has 2 6pin + 2 connecters. I have connected, from left to right, the six pin with its 2pin addition in the 8 pin receiving connecter and then the second 6 pin in the 6 pin receiving, allowing the auxiliary 2 pin to hang loose. Do I have this properly connected?

I have booted up the brand new computer and the card is functioning, but Im reticent to continue without confirmation that I have this connected properly.

A secondary concern: I put this computer together using PC Part Picker, and it said everything was compatible and the forums agreed. But, due to a discontinuation of the Radeon 280X, which is the card I planned on using, I snagged the GTX 770. The wattage estimate I had prior was just over 500... This new card shouldnt have any sort of power issues with a 650, should it?

Kind of a newb. Thanks for the help. (I have a picture if I have not described this sufficiently.)
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    As long as each power connector is plugged into the GPU, it's got enough power. I did the same thing as you, picked up a 770 and plugged it in no problems. I have a 750w PSU though, but it's not even maxing that out so yours should be fine.

    As for the R9 280x, it's not been discontinued, it's just sold out nearly everywhere because of newness/Black Friday deals/holiday shopping. I was planning on getting one of those too, but sprung for an EVGA GTX 770 instead.
  2." class="img lazy">

    Picture of the connection.
  3. Yeah it sounds like you've done it correctly. When you are installing into a 6Pin, the break off section will just hang as it's not required.

    As for wattage, you are absolutely fine, you can run a GTX770 on a good 550W PSU, you have plenty of headroom.
  4. Ok thanks for the help. When I called NCIX to ask them where my bloody video card was, they said "Oops, looks like its been discontinued." I should have realized they just didnt know what they were talking about.

    And ya, that's the card Im running. Appreciate it.
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