Upgrading from GTX 275... Also power supply question

Hiya folks. Ok so the deal is i have an outdated computer.. Back in 09 it was pretty nice but its old now.. I need to upgrade GPU first id say

Corei7 920 (no O/C)
Asus P6T (not deluxe)
6gb OCZ 1600
2 7200 rpm HDs

I could stand to upgrade all my components i know.. but i figure the first one would have to be GPU. Then pry Ram? Followed by CPU/mobo in the future. Im kinda a Nvidia fan.. Always bought em.. but ive been reading good things about AMDs new GPUs also. What would be a good upgrade for about $200 bucks to replace my GTX 275? I seen the R9 270x for $199. Or a 660TI. And $200 isn't firm.. but id like to stay pretty close to it.

Also i have a Antex TP-650w.. Which i know will power allot... but i moved recently and no longer have any of the modular cables. My entire computer is run off the cables that are built into the PSU.. none of the modular ones are hooked up. GTX 275 uses 1-6pin and 1-4pin. Is there anywhere i can rebuy these cables? or is it just as good to buy another PSU if i need it?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. if antex is in biz shot them an email they may send you a set for free. if the power supply modular clips are standard on your power supply a lot of overclocking web pages and newegg carry the cables. the nvidia 670 and the newer 760 are in your price range as is the 7870 and 7950 cards. the amd cards are end of life so there going ot be hard to get once they sell out the same for the 670 cards. your next upgrade should be mb/cpu/ram all at once. if you can you can reuse your case and drives if there atx and sata drives. newer mb dont have ide ports on them.
  2. The 670/760 are a little on the higher end of the scale $250ish... is it worth it over say the 660ti? My case has to go too soon.. its even older than my current build. I think i built 3 computers in it.. time to get another. As far as my drives.. One is Sata.. the other is IDE tho. You really think antec would send me a set for free?
  3. Im looking at the 760... looks like it requires a 8 pin connector. With what i have i cant meet that demand. I do see some people offer adapters tho.. from 6 pin to 8 pin or 2 molex to 8pin. Those i can supply im pretty sure are adapters such as those safe to use? would the GPU get enough power going from one 6 pin to 8?
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