Gpu ATI 6870 fans are running at 100%

After installing CPU Q6600 with cooler Katana 3 my GPU fans are running at 95%
I tried to lower it at MSI afterburner, Catalyst, Speed fan and nothing happens...i can only go higher to max, to 100% and lower the fans to 95%... i search the web for 2 days and didnt find a sollution...
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    Maybe you can try to change the thermal paste on the card, also clean it up too.
  2. My card was working just fine for few months with my old CPU E5300. i want to upgrade it and change CPU with a better cooler. (Q6600 with Katana3) Wright away the GPU started to spin at full speed... you really think changing the termal paste on GPU will help? my temps on GPU are Core1 46, core2 46, core3 42, core4 46 on idle...
  3. When I read this I think the problem is related to temp of GPU, because if the temp is high then the fan will spin fast to cool down the GPU, that is why I said try to replace the thermal paste.
    And the HD6870 will pair well with q6600, and now you said " the temps on GPU are Core1 46, core2 46, core3 42, core4 46 on idle..." but that looks like the cpu temp, and if you talk about that temp, it does look fine because the cooler ( Katana 3 ) is the 92mm size.
    You can use the " HWMonitor " to monitor both cpu and GPU temp.
  4. I am so sorry, you are wright. that was temps of Cpu :-) sorry.
    My temperature in speedfan is 51C for gpu... that isn t so bad... GPU Vddc is 1.17V is this ok? there are some temperature... Temp 1- 38C Temp 2-54C Temp 3- 49C... HDO is 37C.
    thanks i have cpu-z monitor. but there are no temeratures there... i am not so good at this, please forgive me :-)
  5. I have just change the thermal paste, the card was clean, jus a little bit dusty... i applly the thermal paste, start the computer and again, full speed on GPU fan right from the beginning...
    idle tem of GPU is 50C. HD0 is 25 now... any ideas please?
  6. There is something wrong with the HD6870, because from the review, your GPU temp is very high.
  7. What are idle temps for this card?
  8. sorry i have now seen the link... then my card is for garbage :(
  9. Or using the MSI afterburner to underclock the GPU a little bit to see what's happening.
  10. I tried that and nothing is happening... but when i put my fan in Speedfan to, lets say 30% in GPU-Z i see that lowering of the speed, but he sounds the same. (my GPU is dual fan) it s still 95% and sound doesnt change but the sensors are reacting... strange... X-files :pt1cable:
  11. My PSU is only 300W. Maybe that is the problem?
  12. Or maybe i should update my Bios? but i dont know how... i am so stuck with this problem...
  13. 1) For the 300W PSU it will not work for the HD6870 in theory, but if the PSU does not power the GPU then you will not have any video signals.
    2) GPU firmware/ BIOS, that is good idea, I found one from other forum, that is for the XFX HD6870, maybe you need check out your GPU the firmware/BIOS too.
    3) If the PSU is real 300W, you need to get the other one sooner is better than later.,4.html
  14. I have dowloaded BIOS flashing utilities for graphic card... but i dont know what to do next. i never tried to update i have to go to bios or i can flash it form the windows?
  15. i found this on web... Do you think i could follow this steps and diot safelly?
  16. The instruction is fine, and I found one youtube too. But the risk is that if you don't do it right, the GPU will be gone, like the MB.
  17. Thanks for the link... Yes it s risky... tell you what, i will bring the gpu to my friend. he will tried it... if it works then its my mbo or the bios. or something lese. if it doesnt... well, then i will throw it to the garbage... sorry for my english :-)
  18. Hi, he tried the GPU on his comp and it failed... nothing, black screen... it must be the card... but on my pc there is picture... real mystery... i dont know what to do next :??:
  19. Yes, it is mystery, but if you don't mind the nosie because the high speed spin. Keep use the GPU until it is gone. Or try to update the BIOS/firmware to see the GPU fan can spin at lower speed.
  20. For now i will enjoy in silent hahaha. i will tried to update Bios these days... if i dont report back, that means that the MBO is gone hahaha. thanks for everything man... cheers :-)
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