Please help! Need to build a configuration for work in CAD software for under 500 euros.

Explanation why I need help:
I bought my last desktop configuration 10 years ago, and since then gradually distanced myself from news about hardware innovations, thinking I will never afford to buy a new one.
Things are going little better now, I found work as technical drawer again (finally), and now I need to buy newer machine that will keep up with today's standards in my line of work, more specifically with "Archicad 17" software.
As you would imagine, after 10 years, I found myself completely clueless what should I get for this 500 euros that I have to my name, so I need your help.

Small guidelines:

IMPORTANT! I will work in max resolution of 1440x900, so graphic card doesn't have to be extremely powerful, don't want it to be a "overkill" I believe you say :-)

IMPORTANT! If possible, I would like to play some of the more famous game titles I've been drooling over during the last decade (I'm sure some of you can understand what I'm talking about, think I noticed few gaming enthusiasts here :-)

And finally, me being from Serbia is a bit of a problem here, there is only few sites I could order from, this one being the cheapest I think:

Please choose from options in drop-down menus:

CPU (one without integrated vga please)

Hladnjaci = Coolers (ONLY if needed)





Kucista = Cases (cheap one without integrated generic power supply please)

Napajanja i dodatni ventilatori = Power supply and extra fans (IMPORTANT)

Now most important of all, it will offer you price total in RS (Serbian dinar) in orange bar "Ukupno" at the bottom of the drop-down menus list.
By today's exchange rate 500e is about 57000rs, so please try not to cross that limit.

Please make a configuration as you are making it for yourself.
I have a strong feeling this will be THE purchase for next 10 years, so PLEASE HELP, my tech brothers, I need you now more then ever :-)
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  1. Here is the problems;

    Rendering by 'Workstation Graphics Cards' (look that up in Tom's forum search and you will see the COSTS people have already done for rigs) is opposite to how 'Gaming Cards' render graphics. So you can only pick one or the other, either get CAD work done promptly or get great FPS in BF4, you can't get both.

    Unless your willing to waste ALOT of hours and days rendering (considering your 10yr old computer for example) you want alot of RAM and a Workstation Graphics Card to make it work efficiently (i.e. meet deadlines). Workstation Graphics Cards (like the Quadro) normally START AT $500US. Your problem is seriously NOT having enough capital (money) to buy even a low end workstation (which still would be very slow on rendering the different levels).

    Normal Workstations for CAD, Maya, Video/Sound Editings, etc. START at $2000. As I suggested you can search the forums here to get a idea on the parts and costs ALREADY picked out, even for overseas (outside of the US).
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