Full size graphics card fit in low profile PCIe x16 slot?

Can a full sized graphics card fit into a low profile PCIe x16 slot?
Would a powered riser work for this?
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  1. i dont think so. ull have to get a low profile card sir.
  2. The pcie slot is not the issue, there is no difference. The case is the issue. What is the model number?
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    well usually computers using lowprofile pci-e ports dont have the room for a full size card. so yeah im with k1114 whats ur case mang.
  4. Well, here's the thing...Was looking at replacing the graphics card in a refurbed pc but it only has a low pro slot. Would it be possible to use a powered riser cable to connect the card and the slot and leave the card outside the case?

    I understand there's psu issues as well, but, I'm a newb and just wondering if such a thing is even possible.
    thanks, guys.
  5. whats ur full specs. u can always upgrade if needed. and budget
  6. You don't really need the card in the case, just don't put it on anything conductive.
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