Motherboard Asrock Z87 Extreme4 Problem

Just built system using this motherboard,with intel i5 cpu. Corsair CX600 psu. All components brand new. Switch on - dead nothing. Tried psu on an old motherboard, ready led comes on. Retried on new system nothing psu does not come on. Any ideas?
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    I will assume that all the connections for cables and parts are secure and that the ATX12V connector is attached.

    Instead of attaching the wires from the case switch, just short the two power pins on the motherboard header with a metal object to test the case switch and wires to it.

    Next, I would remove the graphic card and use the motherboard graphics instead to start.
  2. My thanks to RealBeast. The problem was a broken wire to the case switch. I shorted the power pins as he suggested, and was rewarded by the psu starting.
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