IDE 2.5 Hard Drive Won't Initialize

Greetings forum~ One of my friends gave me his old laptop, and I pulled the hard drive from it, as its screen was broke. I bought an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter for the hard drive IDE 2.5 44-pin (Hitachi DK23EB-40) The device is displayed in the device manager, but Disk Managment won't initialize it due to a I/O error.

Also, I'm thinking the problem is due to the 4 pins not being grounded (slave-master settings).
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  1. With some IDE-USB adapters or enclosures it's irrelevant how the drive's jumper is configured, while some require that it be set to "Master". If it's going to work at all it will work on the Master setting whether it's required or not, assuming the drive itself is not internally faulty.

    But then if it was a jumper issue I wouldn't expect Device Manager to "see" it, but I could be wrong since I've never had to deal with that specific problem.
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    Hitachi jumper setting here:

    My old one (adapter) requires the drive to be in cable select.

    If the screen was broke then theres a good chance the laptop was dropped thus damaging the drive in the process.

    See if you can feel the drive spin up. Put your fingers on it, there will be a vibration that you wont feel when the drive is off. If its not spinning up you often get just what your seeing.

    edit - If you are trying to recover data then you do not want to initialize or format the drive.
  3. Alright, how would I go about recovering the data, then? I had thought that by initializing the hard drive that I'd be able to access it and recover the older data. I don't think it's spinning up, either.
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