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I bought a new Sony Bravia KDL-W900A led tv on Black Friday. I was told that it has one of the lowest input lags for gaming. To get that lower input lag which is around 19ms, I need to enable "game mode". I understand that there is also an option for "graphics mode". Has anyone used either of these settings on when hooked up to a tv before? What will it do to my picture quality, and will it affect my calibration. On my old lcd "game mode had a really degraded image, so I'm curious how these two modes work on newer tvs. I must mention that I have my computer permanently conected to the tv, as that is how I watch all my blu-rays, game, and watch tv shows. When watching movies and tv shows I will more than likely still use cinema mode for nicest picture, Because I use my tv in this manner, I really wish that I didn't have to buy a "smart tv" and even more wish that you could just buy a 55" gaming monitor, but obviously that wasn't an option.
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  1. So basically I want to know which will be the better option out of "game mode" and "graphics mode" or would PC mode be even better?
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