Radeon HD 6990

Does the Radeon HD 6990 have drivers that still support Windows XP?

Alot of other AMD cards have dropped support and the AMD website is of no help.
If not can you recommend another Graphics card that does support Windows XP
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  1. I don't think that they have drivers supporting XP and it's a power hungry card.On ati's website it recommends a minimum of a 750W power supply but it's an awesome card here take a look at the comparison with a hd 7970

    6990 only problem is that it's power hungry it's not a problem if you have a 800 W supply

    but if you consider another one
    ^+1 An overclocked 7970 is running really close and surpassing the 6990/590 in some cases. You also don't have to deal with the issues of SLI/Crossfire.

    There are very few situations where you'd need more gpu power than this, Short of a 5x1 or 120hz 3x1 or 3x1 2560x1600 setup.

    For any single monitor setup it's going to be just fine. if you get 2x 7970 it will be a great choice
  2. I'm assuming that 7970 doesn't have windows xp support either.
    My brother bought a 7790, and it turned out that it didn't have xp support so now he's stuck with linux. The obvious answer would be to windows 7 but that ain't happening.
    So is the 7970 still a viable choice?
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    we couldn't expect any good card to run on xp now u certainly have to upgrade to Win 7 and if you are gonna upgrade my choice will be HD 7970
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