DIMM slot dead

I just bought some new case fans so I turned around my CPU cooler to improve the airflow. Obviously I had to change the paste and after setting everything up (2x 120mm connected to mobo cpu1 and cpu2, rest connected to PSU) my pc wouldnt start... After some troubleshooting I found out it was my second DIMM slot... Whenever I put either one of my ram sticks in there my pc turns on, HDD+ all fans + GPU but the screen remains black and after 10 seconds it restarts on its own. It just keeps starting up and shutting down on its own until I turn off the PSU... How the heck did that happen???? Is there any hope or do I need to buy a new mobo?

CPU : i5 3570
GPU : MSI 7870
Mobo : Asrock h77m
ram : crucial ballistix sport 1600 c9
PSU : XFX pro 650 core
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    It might be a CPU socket bent pin issue. Try reseating the CPU and check the socket. If OK, reinstall the CPU cooler and test again. Make sure it isn't overtightened.
  2. By the way I forgot to mention my pc is working fine right now with only 1 ram stick in DIMM slot 1
  3. I'm gonna check the pins and reseat the CPU now
  4. Checked the pins. I think I saw a bent one but when i tried to straighten it with the backside of a needle it wouldn't move. I'm afraid it might be broken. I couldn't see clearly, not even with a magnifying glass. repositioning the cpu didnt help either. Same problem. PC just won't boot when DIMM slot 2 is occupied..
  5. If the board is under warranty, try RMA-ing it.
  6. Nah I think I'm going to buy a new one since this one is mATX and I wasn't really satisfied with it. Is there much risk in keeping this mobo until I get a new one? 2 weeks - 1 month?
  7. No. You can use it as it is.
    But after buying a new one, RMA the old board and then sell it.
  8. awesome thanks a lot :D
  9. You're welcome.
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