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I am trying to install two Radeon 7970's and a Sapphire 270x on one computer. The 7970s are working however the system does not recognize the 270x. Any ideas? Here is a thank you for allhelp in advance :) The motherboard I am using is the M5A97 LER2.0. I have more than enough power.

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  1. Unfortunately this is not possible as these cards are not compatible for Crossfire. Even if they were, you'll gain little to no performance due to the motherboard running the third card at 1x (it may even cause issues). Stick with your 7970 crossfire.
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    That board only has 2x PCIe x16 slots, how can you install 3 PCIe x16 cards?!
    Unless it's installed into the blue PCI slots, then I'm afraid you may have damage one of your video cards.
  3. Interestingly, we are not looking to crossfire the graphics cards. We want to use each independently. Thank you for the diligence lp231. We used a 1x-16x riser to get around this situation.
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