Upgrading From AMD FX-4100 to FX-9370

Is there anything I will need to do, other than manually installing, this CPU in my system.

Mobo: ASUS m5a97 **w/ up to date BIOS**
PSU: Corsair GS600 600W
RAM: 16GB Corsais 1333

I'm realizing this processor just doesn't cut it anymore and I want to be sure I don't miss any steps when upgrading to a better model.

Thanks for the help.
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    Your board doesn't support FX 9370. Just buy an FX 8320 and a decent cooler and save some $$$ in the process.
  2. Agreed with logainofhades.
  3. I didn't notice that it wasn't supported. derr.

    I saw AM3+ and got excited.

    Will the 8320 pick up performance significantly?
  4. Yup. 9370 is essentially an overclocked 8350 which is essentially an overclocked 8320.

    I went from a FX 6200 to an FX 8320 and my FPS has doubled in most games. You'll probably see even more of a boost.
  5. Okay. So if I went and picked up a 8320, with my current BIOS, would I just be able to manually install the cpu and be done with it?

    Also, at this point would it just be a better idea to get a new mobo and CPU?

    Right now, all I am playing is COD Ghosts, but I plan to play some of the newer titles once they come out.
  6. FX 8320 will do just fine for you.
  7. I have the same mobo and CPU, and it's working great.
  8. Okay, I'll pick up one of these. Thanks for the heads up.

    Lastly, I have never UPGRADED a cpu. Every time I bought a new one, I was doing a new system build from scratch. So when UPGRADING the CPU, all I will need to do is:
    1. take out the 4100
    2. put in the 8320
    3. apply some thermal compound
    4. attach the cooler
  9. You might have to do a CMOS reset as well. Other than that, yea, it is that easy. You don't even need to apply thermal compound if using the cooler it comes with as the cooler already has some on it. Personally, I would clean it with rubbing alcohol and apply some better stuff though.
  10. Yes. Except you'll need to clean off the old paste that's left over on the cooler before seating it.
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