Help me to overclock guys

This is my pc stats:
motherboard: asrock p45x3 deluxe
ram: corsair xms3 ddr3 1333 (2x2gb) + kingston DDR3 1333 (1x4gb)
graphics cards: ati radeon hd 4800s (512mbx2)
cpu: intel quad core Q84oo
cpu cooler: freezer xtreme
power supply: SF-1000R14HE 1000W
So my question is can I overclock my processor to work faster? If yes how do i do overclock and to what measurements? (I dont know a thing about this topic so please be elaborate about what to do)
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  1. Why would you want to overclock that just throw it away maybe keep the ram. but throw it away.
  2. Yes, the 8400 OCs rather well actually, to OC it will want to raise the FSB, may want to look for an OC guide on the Q8400 via the web
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