Is a Corsair 600 watt psu(cx600) enough for this build?

Hey guys i bought a 600 watt corsair psu the other day cause a guy said 750watts would be overkill if i do not want to do sli.

What do you think? is 600 watts enough?

The build is:
I7 4770k
asus z87-a mobo
asus gtx 660ti
corsair hydro h55 cooler
vengeance 1600mhz 8 gb ram(4gb x 2)
1tb seagate hdd
dvd combo drive
couple of case fans

thats about it:)
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    Yes it is , no problem.

    If you you don't plan to SLI it's plenty for your specs.
  2. it's enough. get the 750 you might want a better gpu eventually.
  3. Thank you very much) i was going there to buy the 750 watt but bought the 600watt. Love it how quickly you ansered it) thank you
  4. Your welcome!
  5. would it make any sense to upgrade to a 700-800 watt psu? im not planing to do sli. I might get 2 more ram modules though
  6. No it would be a waste , the 600w is fine.
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