Choosing my next Gaming Mouse (peculiar hand! :D)

Hi everybody,
I'm a gamer like many of you and I enjoy FPS and videogames in general; recently I've been playing Battlefield 4 and League of Legends mostly. I currently own a Roccat Kova[+] but I'm looking for another mouse because mine is slowly deteriorating: the middle mouse button is not working anymore. Moreover, I used it a lot and my hands are usually warm (and sweaty), so the rubbery cover in many parts of the mouse is going away.

I'm looking for something a little bit different because, despite being an excellent mouse, I feel the need of some more THUMB buttons to play effectively (the Kova has two on the left side, pretty useful, and two on the right side, but i hardly use them).

Please note that I have a huge hand and it is impossible for me to use a mouse with the so called "palm grip": i should have TWO phalanges less to comfortly use the Kova with this grip. I also find the so called claw grip extremely unconfortable, so i usually "finger grip" my mouse.
More in details I grip my mouse keeping 3 fingers on top and thumb and pinkie on the sides (i use the right button with the ring finger). To give some numbers as a reference, my hand from wrist to the end of the middle finger is 21cm (8.25 inches).

I'm usually a low dpi user, 1600dpi, never understood high dpi settings actually. In Battlefield 4 i use 4cm/360° (1.6 inch). I prefer the stepping scroll wheel, the Kova has a somehow hard one, and I find it very confortable because i use the wheel button A LOT (probably the reason why it is broken now) and it is easier to click without slipping and scrolling the wheel at the same time.

Well, if you need more informations about me just ask, this is everything it came in my mind :D

More than two thumbs buttons is the main feature I look for, but it should be comfortable for my hand (and this i think it's the hard part). Please don't suggest MMO mouses: 12 buttons are an exaggeration and probably extremely uncomfortable for a finger gripper!

I've seen some models with the buttons requiremens:
- Razer Hex, horrible i'd say, I don't know about the comfort but the design is awful!
- G602, seems good but I'm concerned about the wireless (compared to a wired mouse), the 500Hz (compared to 1000Hz) polling rate and the asymmetrical shape (for the comfort).
- G700, seems good as well

What are your thoughts about these, and please suggest some more!
Thanks in advance!
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    Just going by your akward grip, I would go with the Logitech g600.
    It actually has 3 top buttons, 4 including middle mouse. So it's actually designed to be griped the way you grip you mouse, thumb and pinkie on sides with 3 fingers on top.

    The ring finger buttons can be made to do what you want, but by default acts as a modifier key so your mouse alone has access to 24 commands.
  2. The problem is that I need an area in the left side clear from buttons because I firmly hold the mouse with thumb and pinkie. But I realise that if I hold the mouse like that, you could ask yourself how can I use the thumb buttons. As a matter of fact, I noticed that when i need to push a thumb button, i occasionaly transition in claw-like hold just with a small part of the hand (usually lower pinkie part on the right side) to counterbalance the pression and the movement of the thumb.

    However it is actually a great suggestion, because if the mouse is fat enough it could releive some pressure need on the thumb to hold the mouse, and the second right button is actually a good idea! I'm going to give a try to this mouse the next time I'm going to the shop. Thanks!

    Other suggestion?
  3. I use the g600 now and the side keys are pretty hard to hit on accident. But it does take a bit of getting used to. The only other mouse that come to mind is the

    Corsair m95
    This has a place on the side for you thumb and the side buttons are hit with the sides of your thumb.

    I also own the g700. It's a great mouse. My only complaints about it are the extra buttons on top can be a awkward to hit and the battery life can be a bit short. (get used to plugging it in ever other night or so depending on gaming habits.)

    IMO of the 3 you listed I would give the g602 a shot.
  4. What about the 500Hz rate? I've heard that some people feel the difference, is that possible?
  5. Can't say that I do. I usually just keep it at 500hz. At 500hz there is a 2ms delay. since the response time on most monitors is more then that, I don't see the point of using more CPU just for a 1ms delay.
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