Hooking up soundbar/speakers to Samsung led tv

We recently purchased a samsung 32" led tv (UN32EH4003F) which has subpar sound. We bought a soundbar but were unable to get it to work. When I returned it and asked for help with a different soundbar I was told there was no way to hook up audio to this tv Im hoping this is not right. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. well according to samsung you should have 1 optical out but the pictures do not show it. that would be your only choice to hooking up audio.
  2. Not sure how I can post a picture or I would.
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    Your TV should have an optical digital audio output where all the other connectors are located. It will be an oddly shaped opening like a square with a triangle on the bottom. Usually there is a flap that covered the opening, sometimes a little plastic plug. These keep dust out. You will need a Toslink optical cable that should connect to the soundbar.
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