Computer Case which hides power button, and no top vent

I am looking for a case with a front door which hides the power button, because I have small children who love to push buttons. No top vent, because that way I can set things on my tower and the risk of one of the kids spilling something into the tower is minimized. And front USB and audio, because those are just convenient.

Under $100 would be preferable, but I haven't found what I'm after for sale at any price.
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    I know of no case with those features

    I siuggest a high mounted shelf out of reach of small fingers . Its a system that has worked for many generations
  2. Tx I'm with outlander I haven't heard of such features
  3. It does exist! The Antec Sonata Proto has a front door, front usb and audio panel, and top-mounted psu, which means no top vent. Their whole Sonata line is very close to what I want, but the Proto appears to fit my needs and budget best.
  4. This what you Need Cooler Master HAF X , power and rest button covered
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