Possible PSU Failure, seeking input

Brief explanation:

Computer was working fine last night, turned it off, went to bed. Woke up this morning and computer wouldn't turn on... no lights, fans, nothing. Tried it in a different room, swapped power cables, and still nothing while all my other devices still work fine. Heard 2 pops with 1-2 min gaps between after plugging it back into original room (this was after it wouldn't already turn on at all). No other PSU or computer to swap and test. There was no smoke, fire, and I didnt smell anything either.

Forgot to add, its a low quality PSU that came with my prebuilt computer. XION 700W to be exact. Worked for the past few years so never really complained. But my questions still stand just to be sure that's what it was so I can replace the right part/s.

My question, is it just PSU failure? Could it be anything else? Could anything else be damaged?
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