GTX 770 vs. GTX 780

hey guys im debating on whether to go with a $500 GTX 780 gpu from gygabite or a $330 GTX 770.

does the marginal increase in performance justify the price increase ?

im going to be playing battlefield 4 1080p 1 screen display

i5 4670k
asus maxims VI hero mobo
g.skill rip jaw 8gb ram

which should i go with ? thanks a lot guys i appreciate the feedback.
im not anal about playing on super high ultra graphics settings.
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    Battlefield 4, 1080p, ultra detail preset.

    The GTX 770 gets 42 fps minimum and 54 fps average. That's pretty good IMO.
    The GTX 780 gets 49 fps minimum and 65 fps average (but your monitor is probably able to refresh only 60 times per second...)

    I think you'd be happy either way. Get the GTX 780 if you're planning to add a second monitor, or to upgrade to 2560x1440. Otherwise, the extra $170 is hard to justify.
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