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I have assembled a system the config is as follows:
RAM = Corsair 4Gb DDR3
Graphic card = XFS Radeon HD 7790 1GB GDDR5
Monitor = 22" Full HD LED
Hard Disk= 1Tb WD Blue.
Windows = Vista/7
Processor = AMD FX6300 3.5Ghz 6 cores Black Ed.

Problem : I am not getting upto the mark performance as per the configuration made above. The fps i am getting is low.
Instances = 1. In Naruto Full Burst, initially Game runs and give around 50fps, but after ~2 minutes the performance drops till 20fps and thereby giving 20fps continuosly.

2. In tombraider 2013, smoothness is not there, Initially game runs very fast but later almost same drop in performance. Although the game is playable.

3. In Grid 2, i am getting 15 fps continuosly.

4. I have felt that whenever the pc starts, there is remarkable performance given during the initial phase, but after some time, it looks like I am running 2-3 years old PC with no gpu.
Even my 5 years old laptop gives a constant performance.

Please indicate the issue and method to rectify it.

Thanking you in advance,
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  1. low performing gpu. try running at 1024x768 and see if things pick up at all.
  2. I tried to lower the resolution, didnt happen, same thing. My question is why not constant performance throughtout even if it is a low performing gpu.
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    reinstall video drivers and or go to windows update.
  4. what BIOS are you running?
  5. is the problem fixed?

    if the BIOS isn't broke don't fix it>

    PB during boot/read screen.
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    what BIOS are you running?

    How should I check that?
  7. But the problem of performance gets fixed only when I re-install the driver every time.
    That's partially fixed. :p
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