Gaming on an 18.5 inch 1366x768 lcd monitor.

Is Sapphire r7 260x 2gb oc an overkill for playing latest (as well as older games) at 1366x768 resolution? Will Hd 7770/7790 do? As for the cpu, should i go with fx6300 or Fx 8320.Or will I be better off with an i5 4570 with its integrated hd 4600? I'm really confused. I'll be using my old monitor, hdd. odd, keyboard, mouse and pc case(atx). I'm from India and my buget is around Rs 25000( ~400 USD).
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  1. 260x is pretty good for that screen res, not would be better off with an i5 so long as you still plan to get a dedicated gpu. otherwise the 6300 or 8320 are still good choices.
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    definitely get a dedi GPU and only get the i5 if you get a dedicated GPU. the 8320 is obviously better than the 6300 but the 6300 will do for yor 1366x768 monitor
  3. Thanks for the reply Crowe.
    Can you suggest a psu and motherboard for the fx 6300/8320?
    I have another question that i need help with.
    If i went with i3 4130 instead, will i be able to play crysis3, bf4, bf3 at 1366x768 res? I believe it'll perform well as far as older games are concerned. Not so sure about the newer titles. Is it necessary to go for haswell compatible PSU. If so, please suggest one. If not, will corsair VS 450 suffice?
  4. Thanks for the reply AK. Can you suggest a mobo and psu for the fx6300/8320?
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