USB mouse and keyboard stop responding - Have done everything I see in other posts, please help!

Currently I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - I use a Razer Lycosa Keyboard and Logitech G500 Mouse - I built this computer July of 2012 and have been using the same equipment ever since and just until about 5 days ago I had no encountered this problem. I notice the problem begins after I have been on my computer for roughly 5+ hours, I mostly play video games.

Trying to unplug and replug does not fix the issue, neither does switching USB ports, only restarting my PC manually fixes the issue temporarily. The odd thing is also that I have a USB headset in the same USB "hub" of my motherboard and it does not do the same thing, it only occurs with my mouse and keyboard. They act like they are being plugged and unplugged, the lights flash on/off as such anyways, occasionally I hear the device connection in windows but it still doesn't respond and keep doing the same thing.

I have uninstalled both the mouse and keyboard, even all the USB spots in device manager, I have verified the drivers are up-to-date, I ran a disk check and even a program called Microsoft "Fix it" that I found on another of the posts on the Microsoft Community here, it stated it detected no problems, I have also checked to make sure that power saving is not clicked for any of the USB hubs under Device Manager. When I run system diagnostics, no problems are found, and Device manager finds no problems either. It is also not unique to any of the games I am playing as it happens randomly no matter the game. I had not added any software or anything prior to this happening, nor had I removed any. I have tried going in and deleting the drive file in windows also, forcing it to create another after a reboot, still having the same issue. I also updated by bios for my motherboard, which is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H. I have also made sure all of my windows updates are up-to-date, also again, I downloaded nothing nor removed anything prior to this occurring or when it began occurring.

I get no other errors when this occurs.

Please help me out as this is becoming very irritating!
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  1. It sounds like a broken wire in the mouse or keyboard cable.
  2. See if you can replicate problem by wiggling the cables where they enter the mouse and key board.
  3. chrisso said:
    See if you can replicate problem by wiggling the cables where they enter the mouse and key board.

    Not the wires for either unfortunately. The wires are absolutely fine. When this occurs it happens with both the mouse AND keyboard at the exact same time, as though they are in sync with one another. Lights begin to flash off and on with both of them.
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