Cooler master Seidon 120XL (SCREW HOLE BROKE)

I have problem with CM Seidon 120 XL, Yesterday i buy it from online local store, but installation manual that coming from package is very confusing, in result i've got my screw hole in radiator broke, because some screw is too big for use it to install fan, i've found more little screw size it was work, but can i RMA it? its cooler master fault, to including non standard size screw in packet, i'm really dissapoint
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    i would try to return it, can't hurt to try.
  2. i'll try to contact them , but here its only distributor... i dont know they can replace it or not
  3. its done. i return them to CM distributor, and whewww........ they replace with new one <3
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