Awkward water cooling set up - will it work?

So the case I will be using is a HAF X case - it will have 2 200mm fans on the top. Not inside the actual case, but unstop of it (they are covered with a little cover thing) what I want to do is hook up the h110 water cooler with 2 140mm fans on the bottom of the rad. So in layers it will be like this: 2 200mm fans, case, rad, 2 140mm fans. Would this work? I would set it so the top fans pull air into the rad, and the bottom ones push it into the rest of the case.
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    This will work but it is not optimal,much better would be to have all the fans in exhaust as hot air rises and you are fighting this and you are better removing hot air from the case not pushing it in to heat up all the components.
  2. Thanks, Makkem. I will sort out the proper directions later. My main question though is will it work if the top fans are 200m and the bottom are 140?
  3. Yes it will work you can have fans in series,if you had a 140 and a 200 connected in series by an airtight coupling then the amount of air moved would be that of the 140 fan but with increased air pressure.
    However your setup would not be airtight and so the 200 fans will pull air from around the 140 fans and from around the radiator so the total airflow would be that of the 200 fans.
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