GPU usage rises to %100 in 40 seconds if i don't move my mouse

Yes, as stupid as it sounds (reads) this is the perfect explanation of what is going on. I cannot even watch a youtube movie without constantly moving my mouse around.

This started 8 days ago when i upgraded my pc (clean install, not an "upgrade") to windows 8.1 x64 pro (it was win8) i used the same (latest) nvidia driver, everything was working until i noticed that sound of my gpu fan. it wasnt happening on win8.

what i tried; i overclocked my gpu clock from 810MHz 900MHz (it was MY set overclocking speed for last 3-4 months)

i tried K-Boost with and without overclocking

i tried both of the latest 2 beta nvidia drivers (and the stable one of course)

i checked power management, screen savers, services (like SuperFetch etc.) and i have absolutely no idea about why this is happening. Also this is happening when i am playing games. And i cannot play any games with controller because it slows down every 40 seconds but it is not happening when i am using mouse.

incase it is relevant my pc specs are;
Amd FX-8350 (no oc at all, all stock)
Gigabyte 990xa-ud3
Gskill Ripjaws series 2x4 GB DDr3 1333 ram
Inno 3D GTX560 (%10 oc, to 900 MHz)
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  1. you have some idle app running in the background. open up a task manager and let the system idle with sort by cpu desc
  2. i am %100 sure that i do not. i even downloaded a software (which i forgot the name now) that shows the application list which are using gpu.
  3. You might have a virus known as a miner on your computer. Download Malware Bytes and scan your computer. I have seen this before. It only happens after a set interval of time.
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