single video card for eyefinity or nvidia surround

I've just sold my 770 2gb to a friend and now im looking for a good single card that will let me play my games on my new 3x 1080p 27".

I dont care of aa msaa fxaa or whatever it can be.

Heres my rig

Cpu i5 3570k@4.4ghz
Mobo P8Z77-V lk
Psu xfx 850W gold
Ram 2x4gb 1600mhz g.skill

Im looking for those
R9 290
R9 290X
Gtx 780

Maybe sli or xfire in the future but for now I want to play my game on 3 monitors and one gpu.

Will it be possible to play at high, max, ultra without aa msaa fxaa??

What can you suggest me ?
Thx guys !!
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  1. Good info on that site
    but it doesnt answer my question

    which card will you get between those ones
    R9 290
    R9 290X
    Gtx 780
    to run 3 monitors

    and adduming that in the future maybe 6month to 1 year I will buy another one to SLI or Xfire ??
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    A 290X with a good cooling solution looks like the best option to me, but beware, if the cooler is not good performance will not be as good as it should be as you can read in several articles here in tom's hardware.,review-32829.html,review-32824.html,review-32820.html
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