Recording software that can record from 2 sound outputs plus Microphone. Are there any?

I need recording software that can record sound from these 3 outputs at once.
1. Speakers
2. Headset Speakers
3. Microphone

I really do not like the idea of having to combine #1 and #2 on to the same speaker output to record something.

Are there any solutions?
It can be free, cost money whatever.

And if it can record the computer screen as well is a plus.

Fraps and Bandicam semi work, but they cant record the sound from both #1 and #2 unless all sound is on 1 source.
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  1. There are two things to know, Single-track vs. Multi-track. Single-track recording is essentially recording all of your inputs into a one mixed track while multi-track recording takes each input device and records it to a separate track.
    How this is done depends on a few things. You need to have a good sound card that's capable of having multiple inputs simultaneously available for input. A good sound card with good drivers means perfect audio. I also recommend a good set of headphones, so you can listen to the whole process and not to worry about feedback.

    I could recommend Total Sound recorder. Go to here:
    or Adobe Soundbooth -
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