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rather than resurrect a year old thread here's mine.

I don't know why nobody has a definitive answer as to the best DVD-rw drive ever made.... its not like they are marching forward with them anymore. Yeah most are about the same at this point but there isn't one that sits a bit higher? they are all exactly the same aside from aesthetics?

I'm getting a z87 mobo sometime in the next 7 weeks and realized my old atapi drives are a no go... so since sata will be around for awhile I'm not afraid to buy some more expensive hardware to get the best. ... so, whats the best dvd-rw drive out there?

Highest speed, example: they all claim 24x... but I recall 24x CDRom drives and 56K modems from being far from equal... perhaps the same here?

By the best I mean, lowest latency, Highest speed, best reliability, cache that isn't microscopic, comes with software (mine is stuck on vista and I lost it when I upgraded to 7)

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    ive always used pioneer never had 1 die and there firmware is easily updated. excellent reliability when it comes to burning disks. so they get my vote.
    the 1s i would stay clear of is lite-scribe as burning lables on the disk leaves residue and quickly causes write errors due to dirt on the lenses.
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