Memory problem/ blue screen.

I have mb h55de3 and i got a new 2x4 memory - KHX1600C9D3K2/8G. / they are compatible
When plug in the memory and turn on, the pc freezes. When i plug in only the of them, it loads the bios, then windows 7 and i get blue screen. Ive already reset the bios and remove the CMOS Battery for a few minutes but still cant turn on the PC with the module.Ive tried with all 4 slots.
Im with intel core i3 530 not overclocked/ CM silent pro m2 620W/ GTX 760
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  1. Try first with a single stick and go straight to BIOS, in BIOS enable XMP and select profile 1, then save, exit, shutdown and install second stick. Then give it a try....if still problems may be a bad stick (quite possible considering these are 1600/9 (entry level) yet need 1.65 voltage, possibly weak memory chips, about 85% of all DDR3 1600 sticks are 1.5 or lower..Can run Memtest on each stick individually to see if either or both have a problem
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