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Hy, I was wondering would the Enermax NAXN ADV 650w or Thermaltake SPS-730M be strong enough for 2 Asus GTX 760 GPUs? I will buy only one of them, but I was thinking to buy one more in the future. I have a limited budget for the PSU, so I can't buy the common picks. Thank you in advance.

Edit: the Raidmax RX-835AP is also available, but I am not familiar with their PSUs.
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  1. You want a brand in tiers 1, 2, or 2b of this list:

    Cheaping out on a PSU is not a good idea.

    700W+ is enough though. Make sure it can actually deliver it.
  2. So probably Enermax, judging by the list. Thank you on the fast response.
  3. Sure you can't get the 750W version?

    What CPU - if you're using an AMD 125W I wouldn't go with 650W.
  4. I will be using Intel i5-3470.

    Edit: No, unfortunately I can't.

    Edit on edit (I type before I think): The Thermaltake SPS-730m isn't even on the list, so I don't know what to think. My country is really... Well, backwards. In any way imaginable. So I can't buy a Radeon (sold out in advance for a long time), I can't afford anything in the higher range, etc...
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    OK, 650W should be enough. Ivy is pretty low power usage, and you won't be OCing the CPU.
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