Monitor will not go to sleep/"Check Signal Cable" box instead of Standby on Radeon 7850 via DVI-VGA adapter

I got a LG Flatron L224WS analog monitor that comes with only one input port, the VGA. There are no other input options available. Now, my XFX Radeon 7850 has two DVI ports, one of which supports DVI-VGA conversion. So, I use a converter to connect my monitor.

However, when idle and the GPU spins down, my monitor does not go to sleep (Power Saving Mode). Instead, the display goes black, the monitor stays on and a "Check Signal Cable" message floats around in the screen to prevent burnout, as if the VGA cable is not connected.

When I nudge the mouse or so, the GPU starts up and the display is available again. But, sometimes, the display does not come, the floating message stays and I need to restart my PC to get the display back online.

How do I get my monitor to "Power Saving Mode", instead of " Check Signal Cable"? And Why doesn't the display resume at times?
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  1. Okay, the monitor not resuming at times has been fixed by updating the driver. However, there seems to be no fixes yet for the monitor not going to sleep.
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