450w PSU for GTX 650 Ti Boost?

Hi i am priya..
Is 450w PSU enough for Zotac GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB?
i am going to buy
ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card..
will it works??
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  1. look familiar ...


    I need more info on the PSU. Just tell me its full model name. The total wattage output is not the only factor.
  2. 450W is more than enough...

    u can check the benchmark here....
  3. You can't just look at that. you have to take in consideration the other components. The total Amperage is more important too.
  4. okay..fine..
    let her post the full specs of the RIG..:)
  5. Sorry for my late reply guys..
    my PSU is Zebronics 450w,
    i3 processor on DH61WW board,
    4Gb of RAM (going to buy 8Gb Ram),
    Will this graphics card works on my board..?
  6. definitely..go on...
  7. but..i recommened u to buy PSU from other brand...

    zerbronics is not much..efficient..
  8. I need the PSU's full model name.
  9. Choose...another PSU..
    it has bad i said...

    Choose Corsair or Seasonic..

    they are pretty good for handling...ur RIG
  10. opps.. i have to buy another 1 huh.. OMG! .. my dad going 2 kill me..
    ok tans for ur reply guys.. heads up 2 u..........
  11. Best answer
    Ya...that Zebronics PSU not certified..

    It might e working fine ..if u dont have GPU....

    anyway...go for Corsair PSU...

    cheers :)
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