battlefield 3 says I need Directsx 10 or 10.1

battlefield 3 wont run on my computer it says I need directx 10 or 10.1 but I already have directx 11, I have Windows 7 OS
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  1. It would help to know what hardware you are running it is hard to help without knowing anything about your rig.

    As for DirectX just because you have DirectX 11 as par of the OS the hardware,GPU, must also support the version of DirectX that the game need.
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    For sure, DirectX 11 is included with Windows 7, but that doesn't necessarily mean the graphics adapter is compatible with Direct 11 or even DirectX10. The game might be throwing up that error because of an incompatible graphics card, not because you don't have a high enough version of DX.

    It's a common problem with some basic integrated graphics adapters or older graphics cards.
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