How to add print server to HP M1132?


Sorry for post this in this forum but I don't know where to go.

I have a USB printer HP Laserjet Professional M1132MFP and I would like connect it via wifi using a print server. I will use TP-Link TL-WPS510U for this.

I've managed to set it up for print but scanner don't works!

Anyone can say me that is it possible scan using print server for this model of printer? If I buy another print server will work? anyone can say me what print server needs this printer?

Sorry for my poor english, i'm spanish speaker.

Thank you!
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  1. thanks for the link but they talk about a problem with USB cable. I have a problem for scan with a print server, it is a different problem. I wait for more answers.

    thanks everyone.
  2. did you run the scan doctor as mark at the bottom of the page link ?
  3. I can scan without problems if I connect my printer with USB cable. If I use this print server it is when don't work.
  4. i been looking on the tp link for this printer and it is not on there support list for the server printer you could try contact them and explain the issue .
  5. Thank you scout. I buy it in amazon spain. I the website of amazon says that the print server is for print and scan. So I will change for another print server!

    Do you can say me any print server with fully compatibly with print and scan? preferable with wifi.

    Thank you!!!
  6. found this The M1132 offers a USB 2.0 port and has no additional options for connectivity, requiring an external USB-based print server to network the device or that it be used via printer sharing (requiring that the computer it's connected to be on for other systems to access it under most configurations). Supported operating systems include Mac OS X from 10.4 onward and Windows XP or newer.
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    Try MFP print server - something like this:
    I use it for Scanners and it works fine - one user can use it in one time. It is like USB to LAN, not network scanner/printer.
  8. Thank you for the answer. Finally I can solve it.

    TP-Link TL-WPS510U is ONLY for print, scanner dont work! TP-LINK say me this.

    If I use TL-PS310U I can use print and scanner but sometimes I had problems of connection. But is not wifi.
    The problem was that then you put in "on" the MFP you need wait 2 minutes for TL-PS310U detect it well. The firsts seconds TL-PS310U only detect the internal memory USB and after detect the MFP.
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