Frustrated with Newegg, what exactly does 30 dollar shipping get you?

I purchased a 780 ti acx weds night. I needed this card pronto, so I paid 30 bucks for their what I presumed to beone day shipping since well It only makes sense that the more you pay the quicker the delivery, unless that's changed since Wednesday.

It is now Saturday and my GPU is in Memphis, and I'm in Pittsburgh.

The whole idea was to get this card Friday or Saturday, you'd think 30 bucks plus 2.99 rush processing would get this for you.

Yet I'm looking at Monday I'm sure.

The issue I have is when I spend basic shipping costs 5-7 with newegg, things arrive when I expected. Like Ive ordered on a Monday and do rush processing and have my item by Friday is say.. And that is with basic 2-3 day shipping.

What in the world did I pay 30 bucks for? I'm so annoyed because this is the second ACX 780 ti I've ordered because the first was defective. And it took 2 weeks to get my 700 buck refund back. So im more frustrated than normal.

I just am totally dumbfounded that spending 30 bucks has ultimately still put my GPU to a next week arrival when I could of achieved that with spending a heck of a lot less on shipping.
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  1. Do you people not have Cash on Delivery in the US?
    Here in India, people opt for Cash on Delivery.
    That way you pay for the item after receiving it.
  2. That sucks, it's been over a month since I ordered my first R9 280X from Newegg and I finally got one that works a few days ago. I've also paid extra for 2 and 3 day shipping a few times but it's never been any faster than the cheaper eggsaver shipping. I try to order parts from Amazon as much as I can because their shipping for prime members is very fast. Hope you get it soon.
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    So thankfully I called Newegg and talked to them, get they will be refunding my 30 bucks. But he said it was because they were short staffed this week and backed up more than normal. Which is why it sat in packaging for all of Thursday.

    But here is still what I don't understand. Once newegg hands it off to FedEx, why still no overnight? Like the way it should of went is I buy weds, it ships Thursday and I get it Friday. But in this case it shipped Friday and fedex was no where close to delivering it today. I don't quite get that.

    I understand if Newegg has a backup and delay in when they actually send it out, but once its in the carriers hands...if I paid for overnight, why didn't I get overnight via fedex?

    Weird situation but for anyone that does this in the future, keep tabs on it and call them because if I hadn't called Newegg they would of basically ran off with 30 bucks for absolutely nothing.
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