Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 VS Sapphire Toxic 280x

I was going to change my VGA so to the point, which one is better 7970 or 280x?
My friend offer me his 7970 and sell it cheap and because he's an enthusiast, he take good care of his hardware
So here I am confuse which is better, buy new 280x or the second handed 7970
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    A 7970 has more raw power than a 280x, but it is used. Thats your call.
  2. This must be a financially driven question? The R280x is a 7970 Ghz Edition equivalent, so any overclocked non-reference R280x (like the Sapphire Toxic) should be a bit quicker than the 7970. We're probably only talking a few percent difference though, so if your mate is giving you a good deal, then it might be worth going for.
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