High temp and noisy CPU while gaming even i have discrete gpu

I am having idle at temp CPU 28 C and MB 26 C
But when I play games like BF3 etc only games
CPU 52-56 C
MB 36 C
GPU 52 C

MY system Specs-
AMD 8320 @ 3.8ghz
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
ATI 7770
6gb DDR3 1600Mhz
A full ATX Simmtronics case with two fans
Cooler master Thunder 600 watts
stock heatsink which comes with label of cooler master

my problem is at gaming eventually fan runs at 5000rpm and is very noisy
get me a budget solution for this
and is this temperature high?? 54 degree celcius for both cpu nd gpu

also pls tell how can I measure RAM temp
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    54c is NOT a high temperature for mid/high performance parts(I push harder on my video card and cpu in my main system).

    If you want it more quiet, check your case(you did not list the exact model) to see if you have room for something like the Hyper 212 evo(I am unsure of your location, but most stores sell them). It is cheap and will cool great without so much fan noise.
  2. ram you can't (except if you use a real live temp reader) but that usually never overheats. temps are normal. you should get an aftermarket cooler (coolermaster 212 evo is a favorite around here). noctua are even more silent but more expensive. i like and use the full copper coolers made by zalman.

    as a general rule, the bigger the cooler the better it will cool the cpu while not spinning too fast. so whatever you can find will do better than the stock.
  3. What nuke said.

    60C is pretty normal. 70C is somewhat hot. 80C is abnormally hot but still safe. 90C would start to push your luck.
  4. Thnx everyone but my asus board says
    it will shut down if CPU temp >65
  5. You can adjust the shut down temperature in the bios if needed.

    But in the 50's is still not to be worried about.

    Small coolers just need fast fans to move enough air while larger coolers can get by with slower fans(or faster(faster for 120mm may just be 1500-1800) fans with better performance).
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