Complete noob at pc needs some help...

Ok hi there guys, thank you for reading. So I have bought a computer 2 years ago for 1800 euro which I know now that it is way too much for what I actually have now... It had the following specs.

CPU: i7 2600k (not overclocked)
GPU: GTX 670
PSU: Antec VP-450P
motherboard: P8Z68-Vpro
RAM: 2x4 kingston hyper
CPU cooler: corsaire A70
SSD: 120 gb

Do I have a bottleneck or something that should be upgraded to run good? I also would like to get a i7 4770k. I need some suggestions...please help?
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  1. with a bios update you could toss in an ib cpu. it not going to be much faster then the i7 you have now. your haswell cpu upgrade would be a waste of money as the newer cpu only 10 percent faster then your old one. I would replace your power supply with an 850w unit and put in another 670 card and sli them. your rig then should last for a few more years without needing any parts.
  2. It would be cheaper to get a good cooler and over clock then a new motherboard and CPU. Your CPU is still very good over clocked. There really isn't a bottleneck if you want more performance upgrade your gpu
  3. How much better would you say my pc would be with thate xtra 670 and the 850w PCU? Thank you for replying so fast
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