Powerline adapter vs. range extender

Hi all,

I have ASUS RT-N66U and RP-N53 range extender both working well, however I would like to maximize the movies download speed of my Dish Network using ethernet cable.

Question: if I install Powerline Adapters, will my range extender lose performance ?

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  1. No, you can use the range extender a difference direction or return it. A pair of very good powerline adapters from your router to a distant location in the house with very poor Internet for the second adapter attached to a cheap TP-Link router configured as an AP would give you an excellent signal. I have installed hundreds of these and clients are uniformly pleased.

    The better the powerline adapter that you use, the better the signal at the other end -- the current best adapters are the Zyxel PLA5205kit, which average about 100Mbps.
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