Will a Corsair H100 cooler fit an LGA 1150 motherboard?

I bought the Corsair H100 (not the h100i) on ebay and didn't check the description [idiot me] until after the fact that I bought it. It says that the socket types include: Intel LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 but for some reason not the LGA 1150 4th gen series. So in all, I'm really mad at myself for not checking, but again I could be wrong and I actually could use it for my i7-4770k build. Is it compatible and will it cause any problems?
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    LGA1155 and LGA1150 use the same mounting holes so it should fit.
  2. Yes, it will fit the LGA 1150 socket as the 1150 socket has the same dimensions as the LGA 1155 socket.
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